Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fringe music

I don't know how much this counts. This is "Getting Dark Again" by Aselin Debison. It's a song that reminds me very strongly of feisana, or Irish dance competitions. Anyway ... this song is on her first album (Sony owns her first two albums). She now has her own recording company, which made it difficut for my sister to get her third album. She had to order it directly from her in Canada.

Then there is Lunasa, the band I posted earlier. They are my favorite Celtic band out of the many, many wonderful Celtic bands I've heard at Macey. Thier albums were produced by six degrees records. I don't think that's a major recording sompany, but, sense I don't listen to a lot of mainstream music anyway, I have a hard time judging.

The above is Niyaz, an Iranian band I also heard at Macey. I don't think they are represented by a major recording company, however I can't remember who produced thier albums. Or, I should say, is producing, as they are going to be recording a new album this spring and summer. Yay!

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