Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was going to post a whole slew of videos that document the art and musical forms of a certain subculture. But I decided to post some videos from artists who blur genres, sometimes deliberately. I also included some acts that some major label artist use to make other kinds of music. I also relied on the fact that I get to name drop and say that I am connected to these groups in one way or another.
WARNING: these videos are not PG-13. That is why they are links, so you may choose to visit or not.

 Crystal Castles:
Das Racist:
Devendra Banhart:
Devendra Banhart in Megapuss:

What I am not going to presume is that I know where the edges of music are located. I also am not going to say that I despise the mass music production scene or major artists. Just because something exists in an institution and is popular and is backed by a circus of money and PR reps- doesn't mean I should ignore it. The more you pay attention to media, and music and pop, etc. the more you are able to point out its own historical and artistic references,  deconstruct its meaning and witness exactly what happens when pop is absorbed into a culture.

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  1. Man, I have to agree with that last paragraph so much. Especially on not presuming to know where the edges of music are located- that all completely depends on context. It's the entire reason the nebulous concept of "alternative" music was invented- things that seem to get heavy rotation in social circles outside of the mainstream. It's why a band that lots of people I know have liked for years can suddenly win a Grammy and have people outraged for some unknown tragically beating the long-suffering Eminem.

    But, yeah, besides that- totally. Pop is so fundamentally interesting to watch evolve over the 20th century and into today and see trends that, for some reason, are always regarded as new and destructive, but have been repeated as long as there has an industry. Just look at the #1 songs throughout history: on this day, we have Freddie and the Dreamers- I'm Telling You Now, Patti Page- How Much is that Doggie in the Window, Blue Suede-Hooked on a Feeling, or Snow- Informer. If Poker Face is really noticeably worse than any of those, I find it difficult to figure out how.